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Toogethr revived: join the moovement!

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We at Calendar42 are having quite some exciting times. The past 18 months we have worked closely with major employers at the Zuidas (Amsterdam) to discover how we could attune ridesharing with commuting in order to address mobility issues in the Netherlands. Today Toogethr gives transport a complete new dimension. Really, it’s possible: less congestion, faster from A to B and more parking spaces. Curious on how we are planning to do that?

The original founders of Toogethr decided to pull the plug back in 2014. While other ridesharing and carsharing companies started out with a revenue model that is built on reservation fees, mediation fees and insurances, Toogethr was a sharing economy forerunner in the Netherlands with a remarkable impact on the sharing mindset. Unfortunately for its continuity the initial platform was not set out to earn money or add value in any other way. Early 2015, we took over the company with the purpose of exploring the extended potential of the ridesharing platform while adding some of our own magic.

We believe transportation works better when we do it together. Our ambition is fairly simple: The Netherlands would be quite more beautiful when the total number of cars driving on the roads could be reduced with 25.000. Imagine, 25.000 less cars bothering you on your way to work and at the same time reducing the carbon footprint. We could achieve that together…

Meet new people, expand your network

Most commuters have three empty seats in their car. Four people making the same amount of costs and causing a severe overcrowding on our roads. Almost 40% of our daily kilometres travelled are related to our daily commute and on top of that more and more organisation face issues regarding accessibility and a lack of available parking space.

Based on these facts we decided to rebuild Toogethr app, so we can address mobility issues in commuter traffic. Now Toogethr helps organisations leverage communities that enable and simplify sharing a ride amongst co-workers. At the Zuidas it has even been rolled out cross-company, meaning that all people working at a company at this business location can share rides and have fun.

Reduce emission and save money

We all know that ridesharing is better for the environment. But people’s mind is often set in a ‘what’s in it for me’ mode. Short-term convenience mostly prevails over any long-term purpose like 'saving the world'. Thus, the approach and the customer journey in the carpooling industry needed to change.

The past 18 months Accenture and Calendar42 have worked closely with major employers at the Zuidas (Amsterdam) to discover how ridesharing could improve commuting and make it more fun. By combining the C42 planning technology with existing workplace communities and a bonus system, Toogethr app takes away the hassle people experience with driving together. Ridesharing with Toogethr is incredibly easy and profitable for every individual participant in those workplace communities. People will experience direct advantages from their daily trips to and from work: saving money, avoiding parking dilemmas and building a great network. Ridesharing becomes fun...

Because it's better Toogethr!

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