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How real time transport data will completely change our future [Podcast]

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Recently Calender42 founder Michel Boerrigter has appeared as a guest in a radio programme of New Busines Radio, called ‘Smart Mobility: The Future Is Now‘. It turned out to be an interesting conversation on how social and sustainable business practices lead to unravelling a range of complex information ecosystems. From flip-flops to realtime data, how does that journey add up? And more important, with all these insights can we predict the future of smart mobility?

The way consumers interact with information is constantly changing due to technology, but the data behind it must always be up to date, regardless if the information will be unlocked via an app, a push notification or an operator.”, said Michel Boerrigter in a radio interview (Dutch).​

For centuries society has been very successful in setting up physical value chains, remarkable ones even. The digital value chain on the other hand is still lacking behind. Let’s face the fact, this is becoming more and more important, as the on-demand economy is requiring a demand-oriented chain. What role do data and information have in creating the ultimate transport chain?
There are several societal developments that change the role of data and information provision. For instance, developments like the increase of app usage and adoption of smart watches. Another important one is the shift from ownership to usage: ‘pay what you use, use what you need’ will become the new motto.

At the same time we need to face privacy concerns. How you deal with privacy is also a social issue. Technology offers solutions in relation to the rendering process and anonymisation, providing individuals full control over what happens (or not) with their data.

Another topic is user adoption, which in this case is about the way humans use transportation resources. To change human behaviour would be the hardest part of setting up an effective digital value chain. So, why do that? It would be better to facilitate natural behaviour. After all, a digital value chain is all about improving the customer experience.

At Calendar42 we are continuously working on the creation of the core technology that enables others to unlock the right information and meet the needs of the on-demand economy. Do you want to check out some of our great examples?

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