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The algorithmic party: North Sea Jazz goes ridesharing

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Having a great and relaxed day at a festival is something most people always look forward to for quite some time in advance. Why ruin that fun by stressing out over parking and deprive yourself of the entertaining anticipation during a road trip with like-minded people? Imagine how ridesharing could boost your festival experience by providing you with privileges no other festival visitor gets. An urban legend? No way, Toogethr Events is here!

With the summer approaching quickly the list of festivals in the Netherlands grows longer, but also season traffic does. One of the things that can really causes frustration on days like these is when traffic is holding you down and your endless struggle in finding a parking space is putting a damper on your day. Toogethr Events is changing all this, and so much more. Incentives like parking nearby, chance on Backstage Viewpoint and a goodie bag are a part of the package. Sharing a ride together will truly boost the festival experience.

North Sea Jazz 2017 meets visitors’ travel needs

The organisation of North Sea Jazz Festival recognised the stress factors for visitors related to transportation and parking. Right away it embraced Toogethr Events, even before the official launch of this latest variation of the Toogethr app. As of June North Sea Jazz visitors are the first people that can profit from the festival incentives that come with using the events version of the ridesharing app.

The C42 platform has a party going on

In 2016 Accenture and Calendar42 initiated the renewed ridesharing concept Toogethr. The idea was to reduce traffic jams, carbon footprint and go from A to B faster. As a result, an innovative ridesharing app for commuters was introduced. And, if it makes a work day a lot more fun, why not increase the enjoyment of a festival?!

About Toogethr

Toogethr is a Dutch start-up from Utrecht that was originally initiated by Accenture and Calendar42. Toogethr believes that transportation works better when we travel together. Therefore, with the help of the C42 platform, they have developed a unique ride sharing initiative that removes all thresholds of riding together. The app makes it super easy, fun and useful for commuters and festival visitors to travel together.

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