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Sunsetting our Calendar42 Apps for consumers

Spring 2017

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We believe that sunsetting ­or discontinuing product features at the right time is an essential element of a healthy company. Although it always hurts to stop the development of a certain product, it allows us to focus on products that deliver higher value to our customers.

This first quarter in 2017 will be used to phase out our consumer offering of Calendar42. We already have been focusing on our B2B offerings for the past few years and it only follows naturally to now also let this product follow suit.

We took all the learnings we had and build a brand new planning & mobility platform from the ground up. Currently this is nicely humming along underneath Toogethr and will serve as the base to continue our B2B platform strategy on.

Which service will be phased out?

Only the following service will be phased out:

  • The (free) Calendar42 smart planning apps for consumers; mobile and desktop

All other services will stay as is:

  • The paid Calendar42 Visit planning service; mobile and desktop app (B2B)
  • The paid Calendar42 API service (B2B)
  • The paid planning & mobility platform
  • Toogethr

What will this mean for me?

I'm a paying Calendar42 B2B customer

Nothing major will change for you, the Calendar42 service and its Apps will just function as you expect them to.

  • Some product features that we have offered solely as Consumer Features will be turned off, so do take notice if you use any of the features listed at the end of this blog post (under: Which consumer features will be disabled?)
  • Registering new users will from now on ALWAYS need to be done by inviting them first through your Service Admin(What does that mean? See this page)
  • During the clean up we will also archive planning data from before January 2015. If you would like to download this data, see below for the different possible methods. We can also always still recover this data if necessary later on.

I'm a non-paying Calendar42 user

We will disable registration in the first week of 2017. After this you can still log in and use Calendar42 until May 1st 2017. We will turn off several features earlier though, see the list below, under: Which consumer features will be disabled?

  • We will also stop handling support requests for non-paying users.
  • We will off course help you out to download your data. That is why we turned on a Premium Feature for all users to retrieve your data in a CSV. (See how to below, at: How can I download my planning data?)
  • Also if you have any other questions about this clean up, you can of course reach out to support.

How can I download my planning data?

We offer two different options to retrieve your data:

1. Download your data as a CSV sheet

This allows you to open your planning data in your favourite Excel-like program and move from there. In order to do this we enabled a Premium Feature for all users in the Calendar42 App. First open the app and tap the indicated button in the top navigation bar:

You will find a new button here labeled "Export to CSV" in the top-right corner:

Press this button, wait for the CSV to be generated and press it again to download the CSV. Note that you can change the timespan of the export with date-picker in the top left corner.

2. Download your data through our REST API

This is method requires some coding skills, but allows you to export all your data programatically through our REST API (documentation). This method requires a so-called API Token in order to authenticate and retrieve your data. If you are interested in this method, make sure to reach out to support.

3. Request an .ics file

If you would like to have an .ics export of your data, let us know by contacting support.

What will be the timeline?

  • Week 1 2017: Disable registration of new users on Free Calendar42 & Turn on CSV Export
  • Week 2 2017: -
  • Week 3 2017: Archive planning data from before January 2015
  • Week 4 2017: Disable consumer only product features
  • May 1st 2017: Disable logging in of Free Calendar42 accounts

Which consumer features will be disabled?

  • iCal/ Webdav Synchronisation (iCal/ Webdav? What was that again? see this page)
  • Facebook Login

What alternatives can I use now?

There are a quite a few good calendar applications out there, we can recommend:

Or check out this buzzfeed article

This spring clean up is just a prelude of a more focused story about Calendar42 and what has been growing within the walls of the company. Expect more news soon!

If you still have any questions, make sure to reach out to our support!

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