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Prominent meets promising, it was Techilicious!

How a Calendar42 founder and the Master of SaaS explored another inspiring adventure in the C42 journey

Recently Michel Boerrigter and Ferdinand Burgersdijk represented Calendar42 at Techilicious, one of the events at Startup Fest Europe. “Where startups and corporates dine to deal.”. After an admission round we were given the opportunity to connect with investors, business leaders and developers of prominent corporates. So we asked Ferdinand to give a peek of this interesting event.

Ferdinand, can you first explain what Startup Fest Europe is?

Startup Fest Europe is a festival with over 30 events, categorized according to industry vertical and spread out over 16 cities. The festival attracted attendees from 49 countries. One of those 30 events was Techilicious, a co-creation of Venture café, Yes!Delft, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) and CIC. Fifty prominent corporates were invited to meet promising startups while enjoying an energetic atmosphere and a nice dinner together.

Could any tech startup subscribe and join the dinner?

Subscribe, yes. But to be able to join the dinner startups had to proof they were meeting certain criteria, like scalability, viability, potential, the ability to handle vast amounts of data and to connect with businesses. You can imagine I got very excited when we were selected. Again an acknowledgement of being on track in our journey to change the world of planning & mobility.

With whom did Michel and you have the pleasure to dine with?

Well, after the admission round it was time for some match-making! A little like speed dating, but without the hassle of changing tables every two minutes before indicating your preferred discussion partners. We had a match with great companies; dining with CGI and Flora Holland was inspiring. With both companies we had a match on different levels, which shows that our technology offers widespread possibilities.

After the main course it was time to mingle and see what more synergies could spring to life. While enjoying dessert and drinks we shared some enthusiastic vibes and exchanged potential ideas with guys from Shell, Salesforce, the municipality of Rotterdam and Vopak.

Are you looking back at a successful Techilicious?

For sure! On all levels, from discussing logistics solutions, meetup tools to even strategic partnerships. We also succeeded in connecting other startups with parties in our planning and mobility network. It was really cool to exchange thoughts and experiences with these leading corporates.

Any deals?

Who knows, too early to express ourselves about explicit results, but it was a very insightful and fruitful evening. We dare to say we outshine in beautiful algorithms and creativity. In that perspective, it is awesome to encounter we have the capability to connect fairly easy with many businesses.

We would like to thank Yes!Delft, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) and Venture Cafe Rotterdam for their hospitality and their networking platform. It was indeed ‘techilicious’!

Image: © Yes!Delft

About Ferdinand Burgersdijk
Ferdinand is the master of SaaS at Calendar42. He has an MBA in business administration and a background in human resources and IT. Nowadays he empowers people through technology whilst enabling organisations to be more effective and efficient.

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