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Planning algorithms that will truly make your business more productive

Why precision logistics will become a holy grail in automated planning

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Customer demand and environmental issues are driving a lot of change in every market. Due to technology, creative solutions pop up like an epidemic and are shaking the foundation of traditional industries everywhere. What that means for your business and how you can grasp business opportunities depends on what you do with all the variables that play a role. How can you continue truly making a difference, and become more productive?

To illustrate the answer to that question, we’ll use the current developments of the pickup & delivery industry as an example.

Just another automated planning case

In 2015 208 million packages were delivered in the Netherlands, an increase of 11,3 percent in comparison to 2014. The cross border package transport from and to the Netherlands increased with 12,7 percent in that same period – processing as much as 92 million packages. As a result traffic and the accumulative carbon footprint is increasing, especially in and around cities. That’s why a lot of companies are looking for smart mobility solutions.


We stumbled upon a nice overview on developments on the delivery industry in the Netherlands, with a list of start-ups that recently launched their pickup and delivery initiatives. Their solutions vary from pickup points, package safes, self-service machines to Uberish services. All great and inventive efforts to close the demand gaps in the market. Why? Well…

Keeping up the pace of market developments

While many organisations need to re-think their businesses in times of digital transformation, the delivery industry is obviously already embracing technologies like advanced logistic solutions. If we look at the current trends in the delivery industry, like pickup points, package safes, self-service machines and Uberish services, we at Calendar42 get all exited. We believe a smart algorithm can save the day of every organisation that needs to deal with extensive planning, logistics and /or distribution.

An advanced application of precision logistics could end up to be the ultimate solution here. Precision ehh…Say what? It’s all about connecting the dots with automated, realtime planning.

Let’s call it a connection algorithm

Precision logistics is about connecting people and/or resources on demand at any desired moment. And to stay at the example of the delivery industry, market circumstances are forcing pickup and delivery services to be more flexible. Consumers don’t want to wait all day in uncertainty. The services in this industry are turning into custom-made goods; a great way to enable oneself to create competitive advantages. How? Well, just by connecting all the variables involved in the process. And when we say variables, we mean people and resources. Because that’s what every business is about.

Connecting people

Get more work done and make your customer’s lives easier; that’s the power of a connection algorithm. Actually any other company that endeavours after intensive business planning could drive innovation this way. Take for instance ridesharing app Toogethr. The enabling technology behind the app is to be found in the algorithms of our platform. In this case it enables commuters to effortlessly share rides by matching co-workers based on office hours, office location and home address.

Connecting resources with people

The pickup & delivery industry is a great example; packages, employees and customers all need to be connected with each other as convenient as possible. But whatever business you are in, the crux always remains to be the same: continuously establish efficient connections.

Any customer, employee or resource that is included in one’s business processes is crucial in the attempt to improve customer experience and productiveness. Whether you need to match people with resources, people with people, or resources with resources, our algorithms can seamlessly connect them at the right time and the right place in alignment with the realities of day-to-day operations. Thus realtime.

Are you ready to discover the holy grail of automated planning?

Check out these best practises and/or contact us to find out more!

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