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Outside the tech zone: survival & foodies

· Working at C42,Calendar42

To come straight to the point, sometimes we need to go to any extreme to keep up the magic here at Calendar42. We are happy, even proud actually, that many companies trust on our algorithm platform C42. Our everyday consists out of developing life changing solutions to meet the world’s most challenging planning and mobility issues. Therefore it’s important for the team to wind down now and then and have some fun. That way we keep up the productive energy. Or should we say synergy?

To achieve this, we head out for some reflection and relaxation once a year, among other entertainment. Social interaction in a different environment bubbles up new inspiration. So, on a Thursday morning we gathered at our nice office at Delft. Thirteen geeks and a girl, on their way for an amusing weekend in the Ardennes. No offense here, she is just not that geeky. We would love to add talented female geeks to our team though, so women in tech, feel free to apply!

The company trip covered some nice stopovers, like Sint Pietersberg in the south of the Netherlands (Limburg) and the waterfalls of Coo in the Ardennes. Final destination was a great villa in Vielsalm. This was a former hotel that offered private rooms for everyone, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a pool table and a garden that was situated alongside a stream with soothing water sounds.

After arrival a few foodies amongst us started preparing a gourmet dinner for the team. The rest of us could chill out at the nice outdoor fireplace, playing some soccer while waiting. Really cool to discover other talents colleagues have. About the cooking that is. The soccer clearly needs some practise. But all in all, we had a great time!

An enjoyable evening with drinks, great food, good company and a charades-like game were all part of the mental preparation for the day to come. Although…

Auch, no sleeping late. Friday morning, after we were lured with a tasty breakfast, the secret programme was revealed. Besides the usual challenge of a survival track and some Scottish Highland games, we were confronted with maybe our biggest ordeal: no laptops, no phones. Completely deviceless. Just some instructions from Alex, the nice supervisor that had the responsibility to make sure we got out alive. By the way, the team with the female captain won. Not sure if that means something. ;-)

Another evening with delicious food from our chefs and good conversations round a campfire followed, which appeared to be a gratifying way to tie up the C42 company trip. The next morning we all drove home, Toogethr of course.

Full of inspiration and with an awesome new memory stored on our biological hard drive, we are fuelled up for some more algorithmic magic!

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