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At Calendar42 we have our core principles, a set of values we believe are important for all of our decisions. We are open to your input and please feel free to keep us up to our promises.

Creating better days

1. We are human

We are moral human beings. We care, we listen, we are honest, we stay personal and we respect each other.

2. We respect privacy

A calendar is private property. Users should always be in control of their own data, and should have access to information about how their data is used.

3. We are open

We believe that sharing accelerates innovation. We use open technologies and open data to create value and translucency, this is one of our ways to give back.

4. We believe in social self-regulation

We believe in the self-regulating ability of a group. We (almost) never impose our opinions. We design & build tools for people and companies to express, communicate and plan the way they want to, but within our frame of vision.

5. We strive for relevance

Relevance is defined from the perspective of the user. It can only be achieved through being dynamic & content driven. We poses the power of data, and we see it as our responsibility to add value by offering the right information at the right time.

6. We are lean

We start small, test, adapt, scale up fast and deliver.

7. We are always on the move

Both personally and business wise. We keep developing, trying out new technologies, exploring opportunities and optimizing the way we work.

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