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Addicted to the power of collaboration

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“We are open. We believe that sharing accelerates innovation. We use open technologies and open data to create value and translucency, this is one of our ways to give back.

This is a quote from the values that are described in our moral compass. We are a huge advocate of facilities that have an open character. Whether it’s about information or about reusable technologies, the power of sharing is concealed within the probability of unleashing innovation. Because it’s a part of our company’s philosophy, we find it important to side with employees that feel the same.

In relation to open source technologies, our colleague Edmon Mariné is a great example. Open source is like home to him, looking at the amount of time he spends on developing open source technologies. Not only during office hours for Calendar42. In his private time he is also busy developing open source tools. Creating and sharing without any commercial purpose. Why is that? What is driving someone to put time and effort in developing open source tech?

Well Edmon, what is driving you to develop open source?

Collaboration is powerful. Together we can create cool stuff. Only joint forces can create big things. That’s one of the reasons why we, developers in the open source community, help each other.”

There must be a higher purpose to this extent of collaboration. What is yours?

“I believe in the power of the internet and the motive force of technological evolution: self-evolution. It is driven by what we want, as a society. The open source community has the power to push technologies, translate society needs into tools and subsequently spread the word. Purely by collaborating, learning and sharing.”

How is that power you described reflecting on private organisations?

“The added value of open source developers is recognised by even the largest tech companies. Where private software companies used to adopt and integrate open source technologies into their own projects from time to time, they now develop prototypes to afterwards deliver them at the mercy of the open source community. Why? Because there is always someone who comes up with something smarter that elevates a project or product to a next level. Therefore I think organisations should embrace tech companies that use open source. ”

The ultimate collaboration: knowledge, skills and effort as common property. Up for grabs. How awesome is that? The coolest part is: it never stands still. Just like the closing value in our moral compass:

“We are always on the move. Both personally and business wise. We keep developing, trying out new technologies, exploring opportunities and optimizing the way we work.”

For developers

Two interesting open source features Edmond added to our Calendar42 github collection, C42 node oauth and simple cache. Check them out!

About Edmond Mariné

Edmon is a software engineer from Barcelona, Spain. He studied software engineering at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Edmon has been living in the Netherlands for almost three years now. Since April 2014 he is a Senior Front End Engineer at Calendar42. See more

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