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Meet our new travel companion Alfred

Magic and big ideas partner up

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Anytime soon now, we will launch a cool smart mobility initiative. A few prominent companies like Accenture, ABN AMRO and PwC are involved in the product launch and will be the first to use the enterprise solution for their employees. You can imagine, we are eager to share our excitement. So, to let the business world know how efficient, social and sustainable this tech stuff is, we were looking out for an adventurous media partner. And check out who we found, Alfred!

Although we would love to deliberate on this initiative, we can’t just now. Of course, we will keep you posted on this new solution, that is driven by our C42 magic. But first let’s introduce you to our new friend Alfred.

Recently we held a pitch competition for media daredevils with a sensible, down-to-earth approach. This initiative we are babbling about is one of those awesome journeys we are making at Calendar42, connecting people and stimulating smart planning & mobility solutions along the way. These journeys have a great added value. On the one hand it helps us to find out how it could help our customers, on the other hand it enables us to learn and grow. Sometimes this means stepping out of our comfort zone. Simply because most great things happen there. That’s also how we became friends with Alfred.

Alfred loves advertising. It’s an advertising agency with 45 professionals that develop bright ideas and campaigns for 27 brands. Campaigns for the Dutch audience, but also for Dutch clients that operate international. Prominent clients, like supermarket chain Jumbo, beer brewer Grolsch and fast moving consumer goods group Unilever, account for just a graps of their rich portfolio.

Believe us, we had sent a rather bold proposal. Simply, because joining this journey requires a high dose of eagerness and commitment. On the shortlist were a few great agencies, but Alfred stood out. Because of their impressive portfolio, but especially due to their way of thinking. In short, their big ideas spring from three pillars: relevance, likability and campaignability. Than Alfred proceeds from a ‘hyperbundling’ concept. This means that every involved discipline gets the space to do what their good at, together aiming at a joint development of a consistent campaign.

Although Alfred is very experienced and have already launched quite some successful campaigns, our initiative is fully out of their comfort zone. In the past Alfred has mostly created media for fast moving consumer goods and retail. The more reason for them to join our journey. We love people that keep on challenging themselves.

Alfred, let’s create an awesome journey together!

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