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Learning from bees by saving them

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Meet our colleague Ambar. And yes, he’s holding a tray from a beehive. This hive is standing in an enclosed area of our large roof terrace. Is this one of our initiating rituals? Absolutely not. But we do appreciate a progressive view on a sustainable world. Since pollinators, bees among others, are very important for pollination of crops (thus our food) but at risk of being extinct, this is a small way of contributing to better days. Furthermore, bees are known for their high-level collaboration. Something we admire.

Calendar42 techies are like bees

Every bee is valued. Collaboration is key to their survival and ecosystem. To any ecosystem actually. We are firm believers of these co-creation principles. We work as a team, and although not mandatory, even when it comes to opening up beehives…

Bees are critical for the natural ecosystem. They pollinate 70 of the around 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world. As a result animals who eat those crops wouldn’t be able to survive and so on, instigating a downward spiral in the food chain.

High level collaboration

Ambar has been working as a quality assurance manager at Calendar42 for two years now. Recently Ambar set aside his fear and opened up our artificial beehive for the first time, without the protective suit. It was time for the periodical bee count and quality check. Being a little scared at first, he trusted on the judgement of beehive founder and colleague Stefan de Konink: “Move slowly and stay calm, than they will be too.”.

No worries, they are fine. The bees as well as our colleagues. That is not as self-evident as it seems. The founder and caretaker of the beehive, Stefan, is either a huge fan of honey or very considerate to the worlds pollination issues. We guess it is the most sustainable option of the two. One thing is certain: He is a food lover. So, might he be afraid of getting out of food? Anyway, what he is not afraid of, is the bees. He carries around an epi-pen for safety, just in case. Still, we think it’s kind of heroic. Ambar thought so too. So when he was asked to take over the after winter bee count, he firmly bit his popsicle stick, and fulfilled the task without any bee stings.


What do you know about bees? Take the quiz!

Which items of clothing depends on pollination by bees and what is the reason bees are getting extinct? The Guardian recently set up a short quiz to check your knowledge on bees. Take the test and share your score on Twitter: @calendar42!

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