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Hop on the Express42 - #Dutchhack15

Winning the transport track at the Dutch Open Hackathon by making life easier

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A weekend full of coding and designing always gets us very excited. At Calendar42 we always aim to restore to the World the freedom to focus on the here and now. These events are one of those opportunities to get inspired and brainstorm for innovative (planning) solutions that connect to this mission. With that in mind, on Friday our team, packed and ready, took the train to Amsterdam in the mood for some fun and bright ideas. But even before the train got up to speed, it stranded. The extra two hours it took us to get to Amsterdam didn’t ruin our always optimistic mood. And it almost feels unnecessary to say that we’ve got a much more efficient transport solution than that train to Amsterdam was to us, but really, hop on the Express42 and check out our concept!

In the weeks before the hackathon, we prepared ourselves with some brainstorm sessions in order to be able to make smart choices from the available datasets and to come up with a viable transport solution. On Friday evening, shortly after the kick off of the Dutch Open Hackathon, we picked one of our four concepts, which we would develop further during that weekend with the help of datasets provided by, USG and Plannerstack: a smart planning solution for pick-up and delivery services. Shouting ‘Bazinga’ wouldn’t be very original, but it was such a moment, so time to add some drinks to the fun and call it a day.

On Saturday we split up our Express42 team. Don’t panic, no fights, just being efficient. We needed to build a demo and to design a pitch presentation that both reflected the solution we came up with. After a lot of hours hard work and great vibes, we were ready for our first pitch on Sunday.

So, what did we come up with?

Off course the jury still had quite some in depth questions after that first pitch, but their curiosity was aroused. On to round two!

The concept focuses on the fact that package delivery could be processed a lot cheaper and more efficient. Therefore we developed a prototype that – with a smart integrated planning algorithm - could decrease cost for businesses that deal a lot with logistics, like for example couriers or postal services. How would this be viable? Well, for example by sharing a percentage of the cost reduction or by delivering the solution as a white label product on our C42 platform, it would be a valuable concept for all parties involved. After fine-tuning our demo and optimising our presentation it all became clear to the jury…

Their conclusion was that we, the guys from Express42, were a winning team. The Dutch Open Hackathon jury awarded our pick-up and delivery concept first place in the transport track! Hooray!

We aim to keep up cheering on our idea, because we already have a few interested parties. The first business sessions have been planned! We will keep you posted on the developments here.

Oh, yeah, and we also like nice food.

Be happy, be smart and code on! We need to make life easier… :-)

Copyright images: Bemyapp

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