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Checking public transport fares in the journey planner

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This article covers: Route & planning optimisation, from simple travel information to solving your traveling salesman problem.

We are continuously working on technologies that enable others to create smart mobility solutions for end-users. This is one of the reasons we actively participate in Plannerstack, a community that creates open source building blocks for effective, real-time and intuitive travel information services. How? Partly by unlocking full-scale travel information to help travellers plan their trips. Transparency simplifies the decision-making for travellers. In cooperation with OpenGeo we have added a new feature to the journey planner tool: public transport fares.

“Public transport fares, it might not sound that exciting but it is very important.” - Jasper Hartong, Founder Calendar42

A more transparent provision of information for travellers, mostly commuters in this case, will empower them to consider their options. The open source planner software we have been developing with the Plannerstack community, OpenTripPlanner (OTP), allows third parties to invent user-friendly applications. With the OpenTripPlanner companies and developers are able to build smart travel planners that handle information requests regarding travelling by public transport and by car.

“Knowing upfront what you pay for the public transport connection you picked. It’s about being in control, the easy way!” – Jesse Harting, Product Manager

Public transport fares are an important part of real-time travel information. Also a tricky part, though. Especially when the trip is serviced by multiple transport companies. Because fares are closely connected with the trip, they are sensitive to change. And people don’t like unexpected change. Taking another train or bus, which runs a different route, often means that the total fare will change accordingly. That really puts a spanner in the works of the transparency objective. So, to gain transparency we recently launched this new fares feature, providing commuters with the cost involved in a certain journey.

The public transport fares feature we have integrated in OpenTripPlanner currently covers The Netherlands and is based on the Dutch OV Chip rates.

For developers

The fares feature is currently in beta. It is available in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode through the Planner API. Would like to use the Planner API? Check out the Plannerstack services website!

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