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Calendar42 wins two awards @ ITS Helsinki!

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Yes! We have won, not one, but two awards in the European ITS in your pocket 2014 competition.

Calendar42 became first in the category: ‘Boost the use of multimodal transportation’, one of the three main categories at the event. Next to that we also won an additional award for the ‘Best application utilizing open data’. Winning two out of six awards with forty-six submissions from twenty countries felt pretty awesome.

With 'Journeys in Calendar42' we show our short-term vision on planning our dynamic lives, and how up-to-date journey information can make your planning more efficient and easier to handle. By efficiently utilizing open data sources we are not only able to provide users with more reliable information, but we are also able to feed valuable data back to organizations.

A great example is giving public transport providers insight in how many people plan to travel a certain route, allowing them to anticipate before problems arise. Or for event organizers to know when the crowds are arriving and where they’re coming from, allowing them to run a safer operation.

The data helps companies & organizations to create a more efficient and sustainable service, while at the same time allowing them to create a better experience for their customers.

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