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Calendar42 be like: ‘Nearest to the pin’

Participating in the Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup Series 2016

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As a planning & mobility platform we meet a lot of interesting professionals in the transport industry among others. Via a honourable business relation we became acquainted with the nice people at Turkish Airlines. When their marketing representatives visited Calendar42 for a technical demo session, we found out that we had another shared interest besides transport: Golf. An invitation for the Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup Amateur Series followed. Awesome. A great occasion to surprise them with a cool gift.

Everybody knows golf is a sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible. When we compare golf to our tech business, we recognise a few similarities. Many tech companies work via an iterative development model, meaning developing through repeated cycles, allowing software developers to take advantage of lessons learned in the process. Because we always step into the shoes of our customer, it may take a few ‘strokes’, but we always end up closest to reality.

The Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup Amateur Series include 100 qualifying events, in 61 countries worldwide. The 2016 series will feature no less than an anticipated 7,500 players, each competing for one of the 100 coveted Grand Final spots. On 7 June a qualifying event took place in Amsterdam. Time for our man in the field Ferdinand Burgersdijk to proof what this means on the course.

He entered the competition with a handicap of 12. Did he eventually qualify for the Grand Final? Unfortunately not. But he did win the ‘Nearest to the pin’ contest - a price for the golfer with the best tee shot on a par-3 hole – for his first stroke on the 13th hole of golf course The International. So, we are proud!

The Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup Amateur Series will make history in 2016 when it becomes the largest corporate golf tournament in the world. An accomplishment that we couldn’t allow to pass by. So, as a nice gesture our developers had created two demo solutions, which Ferdinand had the opportunity to present during his acceptance speech. The solutions addressed two information needs of passengers:

1. How fast can I get from my current location to my desired destination with Turkish Airlines?

2. When do I have to leave if I want to catch my flight and at what time will I arrive at my final destination?

The gift was really appreciated and well received by the audience. A pat on the back of our developers, who enjoyed creating it.

We thank Turkish Airlines for their hospitality and a very well hosted event!

Images: © Turkish Airlines

About Ferdinand Burgersdijk

Ferdinand is the Master of SaaS at Calendar42. He has an MBA in business administration and a background in law, human resources and IT. Nowadays he empowers people through technology whilst enabling organisations to be more effective and efficient.

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