• The planning & mobility platform

    for the on-demand economy

    The C42 software platform is based on open calendaring standards, check the documentation or use our API!


    We offer the following services:

    Availability matching


    Match available resources across time & place

    Route & planning optimization

    From simple travel information to solving your traveling salesman problem

    Track & trace


    Validate & anticipate using real-time location data

    Planning recipes

    Customize planning flows & triggers to match business rules

    Notification channels

    The right information to the right people through sms, email or push

    Developer tools

    API with documentation plus UI & integration components

  • "So, planning and mobility finally meet..."

    These organisations have restored their ability to focus on the here & now.


    And, along with lots of others, they use C42.

  • See how our tools work together

    These solutions are simple, starting from the needs of the end user and based on social self-regulation


    Travel information

    Providing public transport travellers with a way to obtain real time information regarding the punctuality, position & routes of trams, buses & metros. Enabling PTO's to continuously increase their quality of service, decrease the threshold to public transport, and grow the amount of kilometers travelled. 


    Ride sharing

    Providing daily commuters with the tools to commute together. Saving amounts of kilometers travelled, costs & parking spots and gaining social, economic & environmental value for a respective region. Developed in partnership with Accenture for commuters to and from the Amsterdam financial district (Zuidas).


    Driver sharing

    Providing executive secretaries & staff with a way to book rides directly with their corporate drivers. Saving 60-80% on planning resources and highly increasing the quality of service towards all involved. Enabling Aegon to save costs while providing the highest quality of service towards guests & the executive and supervisory boards.


    Pool broadcast

    Providing department nurses with a way to reach – with the press of a button – those professionals who have the right qualifications, are available & within reach for ad hoc replacement requests. Saving planners up to 90% of the time previously spent searching and calling. Enabling Amphia staff to focus on their core task: healthcare.

    Van Ameyde

    Visit planning

    Providing policy holders with the tools to schedule appointments with claim adjusters when & where they prefer. Appointments are automatically scheduled and optimised based on expertise, availability & route. Enabling Van Ameyde to serve the previously uncharted bottom 90% of the market.


    Verified planning

    Providing temporary workers the tools to be recruited, placed & paid easily. Results: increased quality of service & first time right flows provided for recruitment consultants, reduced administrative burden & cost placement. This enables Timing to increase the amount of temps per recruitment consultant.

  • Stats & Figures

    We let the results speak for themselves.


    reduction of planning resources


    reduction of kilometres travelled


    straight through processing


    cases handled


    increase of user satisfaction


    clients served

  • Pricing

    All our plans come with our free standard app(s), unlimited users & full features

    Starting up


    Up to 1K requests/month


    API key or

    oAuth app access


    Cancel anytime!


    Start 30 day free trial!

    Gaining momentum


    Up to 10K requests/month


    API key or oAuth app access

    Custom branding & cancel anytime!


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    Scaling business€250/month


    Up to 50K requests/month


    API key or oAuth app access


    Supported setup, custom branding & cancel anytime!


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    (upon request)


    Starting at 150K requests/month

    API key or oAuth app access


    Co-development & design projects


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  • Under the hood

    We are proud of how our services look on the outside, but we've also made sure it runs like clockwork on the inside.

    Powerful API

    You can make C42 do pretty much anything with the C42 API. Except for showing up, that’s something you still need to do yourself!


    To get started check our API & Application Frameworks documentation.

    Enterprise integration

    C42 can and will integrate with your standard calendar solutions. On top of that we offer integrations with Exchange, HRM, ERP and legacy systems.


    We have powerful APIs and connectors that will make syncing with your system easy and straightforward.

    Web integrations

    (coming soon!)

    Zapier makes it easy to sync data between your web apps (>250 web services!), so you don’t need to be a developer to make C42 notifications trigger other software, or use your other web solutions to enrich your C42 experience!

    Controlled hosting

    Hosted on highly trusted environments. Al our services are

    • ISP & data centre independent.
    • geographically spread &
    • hosted in the Netherlands.

    Backups & SLA

    Information you provide to work efficiently with our platform, is stored on secure servers and securely backed up on a minimum of two different locations for added security. We have a 99.5% guaranteed uptime and a dedicated team standing by to make sure that we live up to our SLA promises.

    Safe & Secure

    We take the matter of security very seriously and do our utmost to protect your data with state of the art security standards and protocols. Transaction of data is encrypted (AES) for your safety. The password you use for your personal authorization is hashed (salted PBKDF2) and we use token verification for authentication.

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  • Awards

    Our work is acknowledged by

    Finalist Deloitte Fast50 
    Most Disruptive Innovators 2014

    Winner (2x!)

    ITS in your pocket

    Best use of open date &

    Boost the use of multimodal transportation


    European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2015

    SaaS application of the year

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